MDT Business Consulting


  • Provide financial expertise to start-up, small and mid-size businesses that need capabilities/insight beyond the internal resources available.
  • Provide leadership and expertise to the financial back office personnel to increase efficiency.


  • Listen to you/your team to fully understand what's working, what's not and what needs to be changed/improved.
  • Offer alternative approaches, if appropriate.
  • Work with you/your team to implement desired changes.
  • Offer "fit for purpose" solutions.

Services at a glance

  • Provide CFO/Controller expertise to meet client needs; part time basis and/or for special projects.
  • Serve as Interim CFO/Controller during re-organization or search for a permanent hire.
  • Provide assistance in sourcing and selection of permanent CFO/Controller.
  • Provide strategic and tactical financial support.
  • Review existing financial organization structure for expertise and depth then make appropriate recommendations to handle growth as well as succession planning.
  • Coordinate external audits.
  • Provide local support for businesses not based in the Houston area.
  • My consulting practice is associated with a larger group called MCe Performance that has a broader offering - a virtual C-Suite of executives bringing deep, functional expertise that can be contracted fractionally or holistically. We can enhance value and performance across every silo of an organization: Marketing, Sales, Financial, Operations, Strategy and Risk Liability.